The process of conferring a medical has never been more complex for the doctor. Applicants would do well to consider that when choosing an examiner. The medical exam brings anxiety to many pilots because so much is riding on it for them.  Most feel more comfortable with getting one from someone they know or else have heard of from a fellow pilot. My only focus in my practice is performing the medical exam for pilots.

Since first conducting aviation medical exams in 1985, I have always told pilots coming to me that if anything ever prevented me from re-certifying them, choose a replacement examiner from amongst the ranks of those who are pilots themselves. 

I have been flying since 1968, and own a Lake Amphibian as well as my own hangar.  I have the instrument and single engine sea ratings, and stay current in both. Flying is and always has been a way of life for me, and the love of flying impels me or any other examiner like me to allow someone to be taken out of the air only grudgingly and with remorse.  I am paid by the pilot, not the FAA, and am the pilotís advocate.  Since I am an active pilot, I know what it takes much better than a non pilot examiner to fly an airplane on a moment to moment to basis, and the decision to issue the medical or not is based accordingly.

Prior to any FAA medical exam, the pilot must go to  (click link) and fill out the FAA application form and obtain a confirmation number. Print a copy of the form and bring it with you to your examination.

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