My only focus in my practice is performing the medical exam for pilots.    

Current pricing:
1st class exams-$125.00
2nd class exams-$120.00
3rd class exams-$115.00
(Additional $5 for credit card use)

My office can be reached at 206-932-0070 to schedule appointments. Appointments are generally available Monday through Friday the first and last weeks of every month, with the exception of December, when I will be open the first two weeks. While advance notice is advisable, usually appointments can be made for the same day. 

If you would like to e-mail my office for information, I can be reached at . Please do not try to schedule appointments by e-mail. Call 206-932-0070 for appointments.

Prior to any FAA medical exam, the pilot must go to  (click link) and fill out the FAA application form and obtain a confirmation number. Print a copy of the form and bring it with you to your examination.

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